Current Presidency Priorities

The future of work: Unleashing peoples' potential

       Various policy responses need to ensure that technological changes do not result exclusion, social disintegration, or resistance. Providing a coordinated response will help prevent excessive gaps in the process of adaptation to technological change across countries and inequality between them.

      Argentina's G20 will outline the impact of technological change on productivity, growth, employment, and inequality. After the diagnostic phase, the Argentine G20 will also look closely at the policies needed to take advantage of existing opportunities and resolve the challenges posed by technology.

Infrastructure for development: Mobilizing private resources to reduce the infrastructure deficit

         Mobilizing private investment towards infrastructure is crucial to close the global infrastructure gap. It can also provide a guarantee of better returns for those currently saving and investing. This is a win-win objective which requires international cooperation.
     G20 AArgentina will try to build infrastructure into a valuable asset by increasing project preparation, addressing gaps on data on financial performance, improving instruments designed to fund infrastructure projects, and looking for better homogeneity between them.

A sustainable food future: Improving soils and increasing productivity

        This field will be oriented to explore how the Argentine G20 can provide the international coordination needed to encourage public-private collaboration between industry, government, international bodies, farmers' associations and civil society.