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  • Business 20

      Business 20 or B20 is outreach group from the G20 representing the international business community. Through the assistance of business people from around the world, B20 reflects the role of the private sector as a powerful, sustainable and balanced economic growth driver.

      B20 held a number of meetings aimed at continuing to develop recommendations and generate relevant commitments from world business leaders and business organizations to deal with significant and influential global issues.

      B20 provides a strong foundation for the international business community to participate in global economic governance and the international economy and trade regulation. Through the B20 Task Force Meeting (B20 Taskforce) and The B20 Summit (B20 Summit),  B20 conducts policy discussions and recommendations that can support the G20's task of achieving a strong, sustainable and balanced global economy.

      B20 consistently aligns its priorities with those of the G20 Summit which focuses on global economic development. B20 priorities include policy recommendations on financial system reform, trade, investment, infrastructure, employment and anti-corruption. Several G20 member state leaders have attended the B20 Summit and exchanged views with B20 delegates. In line with the G20, the B20 Presidency continues to change every year.

      Business 20 (B20) Summit 2016, Hangzhou, RRT

      On September 4, 2016 the <20> B20 Summit 2016 was held by the President of PRC, Xi Jinping, and was attended by 1,100 people from the international business community. The 2016 B20 Summit was also attended by the President of Argentina (Mauricio Macri), the Prime Minister of Australia (Malcolm Turnbull), the Prime Minister of Canada (Justin Trudeau) as well as representatives of international organizations from the IMF, World Bank, WTO, UNIDO and OECD. Indonesian representatives who attended the meeting were PT. Sarana Multi Infrastructure (SMI), a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) engaged in infrastructure financing and GMU Group, a consultant engaged in business and financial management.

      The meeting has produced recommendations to G20 leaders in order to implement the commitments that have been made as well as new ones, especially structural reforms, in order to build innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive world economy and ensure strong economic growth , sustainable and balanced. In addition, the B20 Summit also produced a number of policy papers in the fields of employment, financing, infrastructure, SME development, trade and investment as well as anti-corruption.

             Business 20 (B20) Dialogue (B20) 2017, Berlin, Jerman

      The B20 meeting in 2017 will be held in the city of Berlin, under the presidency of Germany. It is planned that the B20 Dialogue will be held on May 2-3, 2017


  • Labour 20

      Labor 20 (L20) represents the interests of labor at the G20 level by uniting trade unions from G20 countries and Global Unions to provide input to the G20. L20 was formed by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC).

      L20 often voiced the demands of the trade unions through the exchange of ideas and dialogue with Employment Working Group, Sherpa,and the Minister of Manpower and Finance. In doing so, the L20 expressed the hopes of international trade unions on global policy through a meeting at the G20.

      Labour 20 (L20) Summit 2016, Beijing, RRT

      On 12-13 July 2016 the L20 Summit 2016 was held which was attended by trade union leaders from the G20 countries to discuss coordination between the union and the G20 regarding wages and working conditions. The Indonesian representative who attended the meeting was the Confederation of Indonesian Prosperous Trade Unions (CIPDTU). The meeting has resulted L20 Statement “Getting Quality Job Creation Back on Track” which calls on the ministers of labor and G20 leaders to carry out policies including those related to increased public spending, strategies for achieving good targets of decline gender gap as well as a decline in young unemployment.

      The day before the L20 Summit 2016, B20 and L20 issued a joint statement for the G20 Minister of Manpower Meeting. The joint statement raised shared priorities on the basis of the important role of employers and workers groups in shaping economic and social policies as well as calls on the G20 to make policies related to the spread of technology, youth unemployment, macroeconomic policies that support employment, the realization of reducing gender gap targets and encouraging the formal sector.

      Labour 20 (L20) Summit 2016, Beijing, RRT 

      In the 2017, L20 Dialogue will be held in Berlin, on May 17. Then, the meeting will be followed up in Labour and Employment Minister Meeting which will be held in the city of Bad Neuenahr, Germany.

  • Civil 20

      Civil 20 (C20) is a forum for civil society organizations from all over the world to engage with governments in the G20 in dealing with crucial issues in the world today.

      C20 unites civil society to exert influence on the G20. The C20 management committee acts as a liaison between civil society and policy makers in the G20, so that public voices can be conveyed more effectively.

      C20 aims to hear public voices, making the G20 Meeting more inclusive to gain broader support for G20 cooperation. INFID, Prakarsa, and Publish What You Pay Indonesia is part of the C20 global network.

      Civil 20 (C20) Summit 2016, Qingdao, RRT

      C20 Summit 2016 took place on 5-6 July 2016 with a theme “Poverty Eradication, Green Development, and Innovation: Role of Civil Society”. Communiqué of Civil Society 20 China 2016 The resulting recommendations to the G20 related to poverty alleviation, green development and innovation, which play an important role in achieving strong, inclusive and balanced growth and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

      Civil 20 (C20) Summit 2017, Hamburg, Jerman

      In 2017, the Civil 20 meeting was held on May 19 in the forum Civil20 Dialogue (NGOs) in city Hamburg, Jerman.

      Civil 20 (C20) Summit 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina

      In 2017, the Civil 20 meeting is scheduled to take place on August 6-7 in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Think 20

      Think 20 (T20) is an initiative of the Mexican G20 Presidency. The first T20 meeting was held in February 2012 in Mexico City, where representatives think-tank from 15 (fiveteen) countries – including Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Turkey and South Korea – attended to discuss the G20 Presidency to be brought to the High-Level Meeting in Los Cabos.

      T20 plays a role as “bank ilmu/ide” for G20. In line with this role, T20 is a forum for globalthink-tank and experts to present a comprehensive analysis of the ongoing discussions in the G20 and generate ideas to support the G20 in producing concrete and sustainable policies.

      The final results of T20 were presented to G20 working groups, ministers and state leaders as alternative policies, not recommendations.

      Think 20 (T20) Summit 2016, Beijing, RRT

      About 500 experts, politicians and representatives of international organizations from 25 countries around the world gathered in Beijing in 2008 T20 Summit 2016 which runs from July 29-30 to discuss the contribution of thought to the G20 in building new global relations. Indonesia was represented by Prof. Firmanzah as Chancellor of Paramadina University. Results T20 Summit 2016 in the form of recommendations to the G20 to increase the potential for global economic growth, improve global financial governance, facilitate international trade and investment cooperation and promote inclusive and sustainable development.

      Think 20 (T20) Summit 2017, Berlin, Jerman

      In 2017, the Think20 Dialogue meeting was held on May 30 in the City of Berlin.

      Think 20 (T20) Summit 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina

      In 2018, the Think20 Summit meeting is planned to be held on September 16-18 in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Youth 20

      Youth 20 (Y20) is an official consultation forum for youth from all G20 member countries to be able to dialogue with each other. Y20 encourages young people as future leaders to raise awareness of global problems, to exchange ideas, argue, negotiate, and reach consensus.

      The first Y20 conference was held in 2010. After that, Y20 hosts will change annually according to the ongoing G20 Presidency. To date, more than 600 young people have participated in this conference.

      Y20 is usually held before the G20 takes place, and is followed by a delegation consisting of 5 (five) G20 member country youths and observers from other countries and international organizations. During the meeting, they will discuss with each other, consult on multilateral issues, and ultimately reach a fair, creative and representative solution for all groups. The final results will be presented to the leaders of the countries attending the G20 in kind report or bulletin, as a form of communication of the attitudes and proposals of young people regarding the future of human life. The Indonesian representative at the Y20 meeting was Indonesia’s Youth Diplomacy (IYD).

      Youth 20 (Y20) Summit 2016, Beijing dan Shanghai, RRT

      Suite Y20 Summit held on July 25-29, 2016 with “Youth Innovation for Our Shared Vision” and was attended by 100 youth representatives from G20 countries, invited countries and international organizations. With a number of guest speakers and the results of the discussion of the delegates, a communique that produced recommendations to the G20 related to poverty alleviation and development cooperation, entrepreneurship and creativity, social justice and equal opportunities, green life and sustainability serta kemitraan dan tata kelola global.

      Youth 20 (Y20) Summit 2017, Berlin, Jerman 

      Youth Meeting 20 in 2017 is held on 2 to 8 June in the city of Berlin.

      Youth 20 (Y20) Summit 2018, Córdoba, Argentina 

      Youth Meeting 20 in 2018 this was held on the 13th until August 19th. The plan, Y20 Summit will be held in the city Córdoba.

  • Woman 20

      W20, which was formed in 2015, is based on the awareness of the leaders of the G20 member countries of the importance of women's participation especially in global economic development.  

      As outreach group which represents the voice of women, W20 encourages the adoption of G20 commitment documents that involve issues of women's development, gender equality, inclusive growth, and women's cooperation in the international economic sector. 

      Women 20 (W20) Meeting, Xi’an, RRT

      May 24-26, 2016 has taken placeW20 Meeting 2016 which was attended by 200 representative participants from G20 countries, invited countries and international organizations. After discussing and exchanging views on gender equality, employment and women's entrepreneurship, the participants agreed Women-20 Meeting Communiqué. At the meeting, Indonesia was represented by the Indonesian Minister for Women's Empowerment and Child Protection.

      Women 20 (W20) Meeting 2017, Berlin, Jerman

      The 2017 W20 meeting was held on April 25-26 in the city of Berlin.

      Women 20 (W20) Meeting 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina

      This year's W20 meeting is planned to take place on October 1-3 in the city of Buenos Aires.

  • Science20


      Science20 (S20) is a meeting outreach group initiated by the German Presidency. S20 will be a forum for para researcher and scientist from all the G20 countries to gather and discuss scholarship related to improving global health.

      The S20 meeting will be held on July 24-25, 2018 in Rosario.