G20 Sebelumnya

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  • 2008 - WASHINGTON 
      Declaration Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy (2008)Download
      London Summit - Leaders' Declaration (April 2009)Download
      Leaders Statement - The Pittsburgh Summit (September 2009)Download
  • 2010 - TORONTO & SEOUL
      Annex I - Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth (2010)Download
      Annex II - Multi Year Action Plan on Development (2010)Download
      Annex III - G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan (2010)Download
      Table - Policy Commitments by G20 Members (2010)Download
      The G20 Seoul Summit Leaders' Declaration (2010)Download
      The G20 Toronto Summit Declaration (2010)Download
      The Seoul Summit Document (2010)Download
      Preliminary findings and recommendations from participants Discussion report for round table sessions (2010)Download
      Seoul G20 Business Summit Joint Statement by Participating Companies (2010)Download
  • 2011 - CANNES
      Cannes Summit Final Declaration (2011)Download
      Communique - G20 Leaders' Summit (2011)Download
      Policy Commitments by G20 Members (2011)Download
      The Cannes Action Plan for Jobs and Growth (2011)Download
      Final Report B20 Summit (2011)Download
  • 2012 - LOS CABOS
      G20 Leaders Declaration (2012)Download
      Policy Commitments by G20 Members (2012)Download
      The Los Cabos Growth and Jobs Action Plan (2012)Download
      L20 Statement to G20 Summit (2012)Download
      B20 Task Force Recommendations (2012)Download
  • 2013 - ST. PETERSBURG
      A Narrative Progress Report on Financial Reform (2013)Download
      Accountability Assessment Charts - Progress towards Strong, Sustainable, and Balanced Growth (2013)Download
      Advancing Transparency in Regional Trade Agreements (2013)Download
      Annex 1 - St. Petersburg Fiscal Templates - G20 Advanced Economies (2013)Download
      Annex 2 - St. Petersburg Fiscal Templates - G20 Emerging Market Economies (2013)Download
      Annex 3 - MAP Policy Commitments by Members (2013)Download
      Annex 4 - The St. Petersburg Accountabilty Assessment (2013)Download
      G20 5th Anniversary Vision Statement (2013)Download
      G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Progress Report (2013)Download
      G20 Leaders' Declaration (2013)Download
      G20 Roadmap towards Strengthened - Oversight and Regulation of Shadow Banking (2013)Download
      G20 Workplan on Financing for Investment - Study Groups Findings and Ways Forward (2013)Download
      G20-OECD High-Level Principles of Long-Term Investment Financing by Institutional Investors (2013)Download
      On-Board Media Briefing by Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs (2013)Download
      PM's Address at the St. Petersburg G20 Summit (2013)Download
      PM's Intervention in the Second Working Session of the St. Petersburg G20 Summit (2013)Download
      Saint Petersburg Accountability Report on G20 Development Commitments (2013)Download
      Saint Petersburg Development Outlook (2013)Download
      St. Petersburg Action Plan (2013)Download
      Tax Annex to the St. Petersburg G20 Leaders Declaration (2013)Download
      B20 Recommendations (2013)Download
      C20 - Mapping G20 Decision Implementation (2013)Download
      C20 Address to the Leaders (2013)Download
      C20 Proposal Summary (2013)Download
      C20 Recommendations to the G20 Countries (2013)Download
      C20 to the Leaders (2013)Download
      C20 WG on Anti Corruption (2013)Download
      L20 Input to the Russian Presidency (2013)Download
      L20 Priority Recommendation (2013)Download
      T20 Summary Reports (2013)Download
      Y20 Delegates Declaration (2013)Download
      B20–G20 PARTNERSHIP FOR GROWTH AND JOBS (2013)Download
      Green Book B20-G20 partnership for growth and jobs (2013)Download
  • 2014 - BRISBANE
      G20 Leaders Brisbane Statement on Ebola (2014)Download
      G20 Leaders Communique Brisbane Summit (2014)Download
      2014 Financial Inclusion Action Plan (2014)Download
      2015-16 G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan (2014)Download
      Brisbane Action Plan (2014)Download
      C20 Final Communique (2014)Download
      C20 Response to the Leaders Communique (2014)Download
      L20 Recommendations - June (2014)Download
      L20 Recommendations - September (2014)Download
      G20 Accountability Assessment Framework Going Forward (2014)Download
      G20 Development Working Group Accountability Framework (2014)Download
      G20 Energy Efficiency Action Plan (2014)Download
      G20 Food Security and Nutrition Framework (2014)Download
      G20 Global Infrastructure Initiative Hub (2014)Download
      G20 High-Level Principles Beneficial Ownership Transparency (2014)Download
      G20 Plan to Facilitate Remittance Flows (2014)Download
      G20 Principles Energy Collaboration (2014)Download
      The Brisbane Accountability Assesment (2014)Download
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of ArgentinaDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of AustraliaDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of BrazilDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of CanadaDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of ChinaDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of EUDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of FranceDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of GermanyDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of IndiaDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of IndonesiaDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of ItalyDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of JapanDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of KoreaDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of MexicoDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of New ZealandDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of Russian FederationDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of Saudi ArabiaDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of South AfricaDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of SpainDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of TurkeyDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of United KingdomDownload
      Comprehensive Growth Strategy of United StatesDownload
      Communique of G20 Finance Minister and Central Bank Governor Meeting (February 2014)Download
      Intervention by Governor Reserve Bank of India in the Session on Global Economy (February 2014)Download
      Communique of G20 Finance Minister and Central Bank Governor Meeting (April 2014)Download
      Session 3 of G20 Finance Minister and Central Bank Governor Meeting (April 2014)Download
      Chairman's Summary - Trade Ministers Meeting (July 2014)Download
      G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Declaration (September 2014)Download
      G20 FMCBG Meeting - Intervention on Endorsing Summit Deliverables on Infrastructure Investment (October 2014)Download
      Communique of G20 Finance Minister and Central Bank Governor Meeting (September 2014)Download
      G20 Finance Deputies Meeting - Session on Accountability Framework (October 2014)Download
      G20 Finance Deputies Meeting - Session on Investment and Infrastructure Package for Leaders' Summit (October 2014)Download
      Media Release - G20 Finance Minister and Central Bank Governor Meeting (October 2014)Download
      Adequacy of Loss Absorbing_capacty_global_systemically_important_banksDownload
      Financial Reforms Completing the Job and Looking AheadDownload
      G20 Labour Markets - Outlook, Key Challenges, and Policy ResponsesDownload
      Global Infrastructure Facility Update for G20 LeadersDownload
      Growth Strategies - G20 Emerging Market Economies (November 2014)Download
      IMF Surveillance Note (November 2014)Download
      IO Proposal Structured Dialogue Process Tax MattersDownload
      OECD Secretary Generals Report to the G20 LeadersDownload
      Opportunities for Economic Growth Job Creation in Related to FSNDownload
      Quantifying the Impact of G20 Members Growth StrategiesDownload
      Report on Effective Approaches G20 OECD - AnnexDownload
      Report on Effective Approaches G20 OECDDownload
      Report to G20 Brisbane Summit on FSBs Review Structure RepresentationDownload
      Reports on G20 Trade and Investment MeasuresDownload
      Updated G20 Roadmap towards Strengthened Oversight RegulationDownload
      G20 2014 - Brisbane Anti-corruption UpdateDownload
      G20 Climate Finance Study Group - Report to MinistersDownload
      G20 Energy Sustainability Working Group 2014 Co-Chairs ReportDownload
      Growth for All - 2014 Brisbane Development UpdateDownload
      B20 Infrastructure & Investment Taskforce Policy Paper (2015)Download
      B20 POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS TO THE G20 (2014)Download
  • 2015 - ANTALYA
      Annex I - G20 Policy Priorities on Labour Income Share and InequalitiesDownload
      Annex II - G20 Skills StrategyDownload
      Annex III - G20 Policy Principles for Promoting Better Youth Unemployment OutcomesDownload
      Antalya Action Plan (2015)Download
      Antayla Accountability Assesment - G20 FWGDownload
      B20 - L20 Statement (2015)Download
      C20 Communique (2015)Download
      G20 Action Plan on Food Security and Sustainable Food SystemsDownload
      G20 and Low Income Developing Countries FrameworkDownload
      G20 Anti Corruption Open Data PrinciplesDownload
      G20 Energy Access Action PlanDownload
      G20 Framework on Promoting Quality JobsDownload
      G20 High-Level Principles on Private Sector Transparency and IntegrityDownload
      G20 Investment Strategies and G20 OECD Report on G20 Investment StrategiesDownload
      G20 Leaders Call on Inclusive BusinessDownload
      G20 OECD High-Level Principles on SME FinancingDownload
      G20 OECD Principles of Corporate GovernanceDownload
      G20 Toolkit of Voluntary Options for Renewable Energy DeploymentDownload
      Higher Loss Absorbency Requirements for Global Systemically Important InsurersDownload
      High-Level Statement on RemittancesDownload
      Joint Action Plan on SME FinancingDownload
      L20 Priorities for Turkish Presidency (2015)Download
      Multilateral Development Banks Action Plan to Optimize Balance SheetsDownload
      The Common International Standard on Total-Loss Absorbing Capacity for Global Systemically Important BanksDownload
      G20 Agriculture Ministers Final Communique (2015)Download
      Climate Funds Inventory (2015)Download
      G20 Climate Finance Study Group Annual Report (2015)Download
      Toolkit to Enhance Access to Adaptation Finance for Developing Countries that are Vulnerable to the Adverse Effects of Climate Change (2015)Download
      A Multi Year Framework for Policy Coherence and Coordination on Human Resource DevelopmentDownload
      Annexes of the G20 Inclusive Business FrameworkDownload
      Call to Action for Strengthening Tax Capacity in Developing CountriesDownload
      Concept Note on the G20 Global Platform on Inclusive BusinessDownload
      DWG 2015 Annual Progress ReportDownload
      G20 Inclusive Business FrameworkDownload
      Implementation Plan of the G20 Food Security and Nutrition FrameworkDownload
      Inclusive Growth and Development Antalya Development RoadmapDownload
      Communique G20 Energy Ministers MeetingDownload
      Country Self-reporting Template on Implementation of G20 Employment PlansDownload
      G20 Principles for Effective Public Employment ServicesDownload
      G20 Principles on Silver Economy and Active AgeingDownload
      Term of Reference for G20 Employment Working GroupDownload
      Terms of Reference for G20 EWG Sub Group on Labour Income Shares and InequalitiesDownload
      Terms of Reference for G20 Network on Safe and Healthy WorkplacesDownload
      Communique Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting (2015)Download
      G20 FMCBG Communique (April 2015)Download
      G20 FMCBG Communique (February 2015)Download
      Quantifying the Implementation of G20 Members - Growth StrategiesDownload
      G20 Antalya Leaders Summit Communique (2015)Download
      G20 Statement on the Fight Against Terrorism (2015)Download
      PM Intervention Speeches - Antalya Summit (2015)Download
      Consultation Document for Second Edition of GPFI White Paper on Standard Setting Bodies and Financial InclusionDownload
      Digital Financial Solution to Advance Womens Economic ParticipationDownload
      Financial Education for Migrants and Their FamiliesDownload
      G20 Survey on De-risking Activities in the Remittance MarketDownload
      GPFI Private Sector Engagement StrategyDownload
      GPFI Progress ReportDownload
      OECD-INFE Core Competencies Framework on Financial Literacy for YouthDownload
      OECD-INFE Progress Report on Financial Education for MSMEs and Potential EntrepeneursDownload
      Report on SME Finance Compact WorkshopDownload
      Stocktaking of Innovative Digital Payment Mechanisms SupportingDownload
      Synthesis Report on Innovations in Agricultural FinanceDownload
      The Use of Remittances and Financial InclusionDownload
      Joint Meeting of G20 Finance and Labour MinistersDownload
      G20 Labour and Employment Ministers Meeting Communique (2015)Download
      Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting Communique (Feb 2015)Download
      Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting Communique (Sep 2015)Download
      G20 Agriculture Ministers Meeting Final CommuniqueDownload
      G20 Labour and Employment Ministers DeclarationDownload
      Joint Meeting of G20 Finance and Labor Ministers DeclarationDownload
      Minister of Tourism DeclarationDownload
      Chairmans Summary - Trade Ministers Meeting (2015)Download
      W20 Summit Communique (2015)Download
      B20 Anti-Corruption Taskforce Policy Paper (2015)Download
      B20 Digital Economy Policy Paper (2015)Download
      B20 Employment Taskforce Policy Paper (2015)Download
      B20 Energy Forum Statement (2015)Download
      B20 Financing Growth Taskforce Policy Paper (2015)Download
      B20 Governance and Sustainability Theme Policy Summary (2015)Download
      B20 Recommendation Development Process (2015)Download
      B20 SMEs & Entrepreneurship Taskforce Policy Paper (2015)Download
      B20 Trade Taskforce Policy Paper (2015)Download
      B20-2015-Policy-Acheivements ANTALYA NOVEMBER 17 2015Download
      Business Access to Global Value Chains and Financing SMEs (2015)Download
      Statement on Jobs, Growth and Decent Work (2015)Download
      Summary of B20 recommendations to the G20 (2015)Download
  • 2016 - HANGZHOU
      2030 Agenda Action PlanDownload
      Advancing the Multilateral Trading System-Issues for Further ConsiderationDownload
      Annex to IMF Surveillance NoteDownload
      B20 2016 Policy RecommendationsDownload
      BCBS Report to G20 Leaders – Implementation of Basel StandardsDownload
      China Efforts to Phase Out and Rationalize Its Fossil-Fuel SubsidiesDownload
      Climate Finance Study Group - Toolkit prepared by invited IOsDownload
      Climate Finance Study Group Report on MainstreamingDownload
      Climate Finance Study Group Report on PromotingDownload
      Communiqué G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting - Washington 20160415-14Download
      Communique of Civil Society 20160706-05Download
      Communique of G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors - ChengduDownload
      Communique of G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors - WashingtonDownload
      CPMI-IOSCO Resilience and Recovery of CCPsDownload
      Discussion Paper on E-commerce for the G20Download
      EMM Beijing Communique 20160630-29Download
      Enhancing Energy Access in Asia and the Pacific Key Challenges and G20 Voluntary Collaboration Action PlanDownload
      Financial Inclusion IndicatorsDownload
      FSB Chair’s Letter to G20 Leaders in Advance of their meeting in Hangzhou on 4-5-SeptemberDownload
      G20 2016 Innovation Action Plan - mofa_jpnDownload
      G20 2017-2018 Anti-Corruption Action Plan - mofa_jpnDownload
      G20 Action Plan on the 2030 Agenda - mofa_jpnDownload
      G20 Agenda Toward a More Stable and Resilient International Financial ArchitectureDownload
      G20 Agriculture Ministers Meeting CommuniqueDownload
      G20 Blueprint on Innovative Growth -finalDownload
      G20 Digital Economy Development and Cooperation InitiativeDownload
      G20 Energy Efficiency Leading ProgrammeDownload
      G20 Enhanced Structural Reforms Agenda - mofa_jpnDownload
      G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting CommuniqueDownload
      G20 Green Finance Synthesis ReportDownload
      G20 Inclusive Business Summit Report September 2016Download
      G20 Initiative on Supporting Industrialization in Africa and Least Developed Countries-FinalDownload
      G20 International Financial Architecture WG 2016 Final ReportDownload
      G20 Leaders Communique - Hangzhou SummitDownload
      G20 Voluntary Action Plan on Renewable EnergyDownload
      G20 Voluntary Peer Review by China and US on Fossil Fuel Subsidies__US Self-review ReportDownload
      G20 Voluntary Peer Review by US and China on Fossil Fuel Subsidies__China Self-review ReportDownload
      G20-OECD INFE Core Competencies Framework on Financial Literacy for AdultsDownload
      G20-OECD Progress Report on the Development of Effective Approaches to Support the Implementation of the G20-OECD High Level Principles on SME FinancingDownload
      G20-OECD Progress Report on the Implementation of the G20-OECD Principles of Corporate GovernanceDownload
      GIH Report on Annotated PPPDownload
      Global Infrastructure Connectivity Alliance InitiativeDownload
      Good Practices on Family Farming and Smallholder AgricultureDownload
      GPFI 2016 Progress Report to G20 LeadersDownload
      GPFI_WhitePaper_Global Standard-SettingDownload
      Guiding Principles for Global Investment PolicymakingDownload
      Hangzhou Accountability Assessment - mofa_jpnDownload
      Hangzhou Action PlanDownload
      Hangzhou CAR on G20 Development Commitments - mofa_jpnDownload
      Hi-Level Principles for Digital Financial InclusionDownload
      HLP Cooperation Person Sought for Corruption and Asset RecoveryDownload
      ILO-OECD-WBG Report_ Enhancing EmployabilityDownload
      ILO-OECD-WBG Report_ Generating Adequate Job OpportunitiesDownload
      ILO-OECD-WBG-IMF Report_Employment Trends and ChallengesDownload
      ILO-OECD-WBG-IMF Report_Promote Decent WorkDownload
      IMF Note on A Guding Framework for Structural ReformsDownload
      IMF Note on Reinvigorating Trade to Support Growth_ A Path ForwardDownload
      IMF Staff Note_ The Role of the SDR-Initial ConsiderationsDownload
      IMF Surveillance Note - Feb 2016Download
      IMF Surveillance Note - Jul 2016Download
      IMF-FSB First Progress Report - Second Phase of the G20 Data Gaps Initiative (DGI-2)Download
      IMF-FSB-BIS Report on Elements of Effective Macro-prudential PoliciesDownload
      IMF-OECD-UN-WBG Enhancing the Effectiveness of External Support in Building Tax Capacity in Developing CountriesDownload
      Indonesia 2016 Growth StrategyDownload
      Inter-relationship between Trade and Investment-Strengthening Policy CoherenceDownload
      IOE-BIAC – ITUC-TUAC Statement to the G20 Labour Ministrial (2016)Download
      L20 Policy Tracking (2016)Download
      L20 Statement 2016Download
      LEMM Declaration [AD] G20 Entreprenuership AP [AD] G20 Initiative to Promote [SD] ILO Enhancing EmployabilityDownload
      MDB ResponseDownload
      MDBs Joint Declaration of AspirationDownload
      Monitoring and Reducing Trade CostsDownload
      New Industrial Revolution Action PlanDownload
      OECD Secretary-General’s Reports - AprilDownload
      OECD Secretary-General’s Reports - FebruaryDownload
      OECD Secretary-General’s Reports - JulyDownload
      OECD Secretary-General’s Reports - SeptemberDownload
      OECD-WBG-ITC_ Towards a G20 Strategy for Promoting Inclusive GVCsDownload
      Presidency Statement on Climate Change at the G20 Sherpa Meeting 20160408Download
      Prospects for Global TradeDownload
      Quantifying the Implementation of G-20 Members Growth Strategies - IMF-OECDDownload
      Regional Trade Agreements and the Multilateral Trading System-Further Analysis of Specific Provisions in RTAsDownload
      SME Finance APDownload
      Strategy for Global Trade GrowthDownload
      T20 Policy Recommendations 20160801Download
      Terms of Reference Trade Investment Working Group 2016Download
      TMM Statement 20160710-09Download
      UNIDO report on Industrialization in Africa and LDCsDownload
      Update to Leaders on Progress Towards the G20 Remittance Target 2016Download
      US Efforts to Phase Out and Rationalize Its Fossil-Fuel SubsidiesDownload
      W20 Meeting Communique 20160526Download
      WTO Report on Trade Finance - SMEs Bridging the Gaps in ProvisionDownload
      WTO Trade Monitoring Report on G20 Trade Measures-Possible ImprovementsDownload
      Y20 China 2016 CommuniqueDownload
  • 2017 - BERLIN
      G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors CommuniqueDownload
      A Macroeconomic Perspective on Resilience - IMFDownload
      Economic Resilience - A Financial PerspectiveDownload
      Increasing Resilience to Large and Volatile Capital Flows - IMFDownload
      OECD G20 Policy Paper on Economic Resilience and Structural PoliciesDownload
      Report to G20 Deputy Finance Ministers and Deputy Central Bank Governors on MDBDownload
      Building a Digital World : Consumers Can Trust (Proposed recommendations from the consumer
      movement to the G20 member states)
      G20 Agriculture Ministers Declaration 2017Download
      B20 Evaluations to the Baden-Baden Communique of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank GovernorsDownload
      T20 Africa Conference - Africa and the G20 : Building alliances for sustainable developmentDownload
      S20 Statement - Improving Global Health (2017)Download
      W20 Final Communique (2017)Download
      W20 Germany Implementation Plan (2017)Download
      B20 Policy Recommendations to the G20 (2017)Download
      G20 Leaders Declaration 2017
      The Hamburg G20 Leaders’ Statement on Countering Terrorism 2017Download
      G20 Hamburg Action Plan 2017Download
      G20 Hamburg Climate and Energy Action Plan for Growth 2017Download
      Hamburg Update Taking forward the G20 Action Plan 2017Download
      G20 Action Plan on Marine Litter 2017Download
      G20 Africa Partnership 2017Download
      G20 High Level Principles on the Liability of Legal Persons for Curruptions 2017Download
      G20 High Level Principles on Countering Corruptions in Customs 2017Download
      High Level Principles on Combatting Corruption related to Illegal Trade in Wildlife and Wildlife Products 2017Download
      G20 Initiative #eSkills4Girls 2017Download
      Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative 2017Download